Driving Real Change and Results
Real-World Case Examples

Driving Real Change and Results

Suplari is helping Fortune 1000 enterprises unlock insights from their existing supplier data to realize their full potential.

For example, Suplari helped customers identify $400k (30%) in annualized ground transportation savings, reduce software licensing fees 33% through de-duplication, and proactively identified $500M in contract renewals, enabling millions in savings through a first-ever consolidated supplier data view.

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Supplier Consolidation

Case Example:

Suplari recognizes similar vendors and services across all areas of spend. Once identified, suggestions are created on how to reduce any overlapping costs. For example, Suplari identified 3 different web conferencing SaaS solutions. Multiple licenses from different vendors were unknowingly provisioned for the same service.

  • Cost Centers/ Departments: 4
  • Total Annual Spend: $650,000
  • Purchasers: 3
  • Identified Savings: $170K-$200K

Ground Transportation

Case Example:

It can be nearly impossible to manually consolidate and track your company’s ground transportation spend (rideshare, taxis, limos, etc) due to the variety of spend sources and the multitude of individual, different vendor names. Through machine learning and data normalization, Suplari provides accurate metrics on your ground transportation costs and identifies trends and insights on how to make small policy shifts to experience large savings.

  • Total Transactions Analyzed: 3.5M
  • Total Ground Transportation Spend: $1,980,000
  • Cost Centers/ Departments :19
  • Identified Savings: $200K – $400K

Aggregated Demand

Case Example:

Companies frequently overspend on individual vendors due to data inconsistencies and related lack of enterprise-wide visibility. Spend often is spread across multiple business units, functional departments, and pay systems. Suplari consolidated vendor spend and identified approximately $80k in savings with a cloud services provider. With Suplari, customers can realize savings through a full consolidated supplier data view.

  • Business units = 9
  • Total Transactions Analyzed = 4M
  • Identified savings: $60-$100k

Team Productivity

Case Example:

Suplari enables procurement teams and organizations to get more done. Suplari provides a quick and easy solution for obtaining information that you need in real time. Tasks that used to take hours can be achieved in minutes by removing the manual processes of extracting, consolidating and normalizing supplier spend data. Users report saving days and weeks in response time, making them much more responsive and productive. Suplari helps procurement teams transition from the defensive to the offensive when managing spend.

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