How To Design The Procurement Team Of The Future

January 16, 2020By Mari StromBlog

A 2018 Hackett Group study shows “world class procurement organizations” have 29% fewer staff and 21% lower labor costs when compared to peers. Queue the chorus of complaints: “Fewer staff? We barely get by with what we have!” While that may be true given your organization’s present circumstances, it is incumbent upon C-suite finance and … Read More

Supplier Relationship Management: The CPO’s Secret To Mitigating Risk

January 16, 2020By Mari StromBlog

One method Procurement leaders are using to prepare their teams for an effective 2020 and beyond is fostering and managing solid supplier relationships that can help mitigate risk and prepare your organization for potential disruptions. Quality supplier relationships are integral to the health and well-being of almost every organization. While some suppliers are absolutely integral … Read More

No More Bottlenecks: Enabling Employee Purchasing Power

January 13, 2020By Mari StromBlog

Procurement departments have the opportunity to increase employee empowerment by simplifying processes, saving time, and ensuring the right materials are purchased. These benefits are accrued by putting more purchasing power in the hands of employees. It also removes an unnecessary bottleneck that can occur even with smaller purchases that become subject to detailed specifications and … Read More

A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst at Suplari

January 7, 2020By Eddy NassifBlog

Hi! My name is Eddy Nassif and I’ve been a data analyst at Suplari for almost 7 months. Before Suplari I was studying at Gonzaga University where I received my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus on finance and a Minor in Computer Science. I’ve loved my time working as a Data Analyst on … Read More

How Best of Breed Systems Are Replacing Legacy ERPs

January 3, 2020By Mari StromBlog

In our Best of Breed blog series, we identify how procurement teams are unlocking tremendous value for their organizations by adopting custom-tailored “best of breed” technologies in place of generic “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Using software designed for a wide variety of tasks typically means only a few of those tasks have the functionality users want and … Read More

Paving a Digital Road for Procurement in 2020

December 20, 2019By Mari StromBlog, Procurement

Procurement has seen rapid change within the enterprise, with the opportunity to become more strategic, collaborative and technology-driven. This momentum is expected to continue in 2020 and beyond with procurement as an important and integral function of an enterprise through digital technology. Innovation through digitization can be applied to procurement roles in order to increase … Read More

Data Analytics for Procurement Series: Calculating Outliers in Spend Data – Part 1

December 17, 2019By Bryn LouiseBlog

Data is everywhere and especially within Finance and Procurement. It is indispensable in tackling spend savings, contract management, supplier management, and compliance. The goal of our Data Analytics for Procurement blog series is to educate procurement teams on methods and best practices that can be leveraged with the vast quantities of information being generated by … Read More