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Suplari uses machine learning and predictive analytics to automatically integrate, normalize, and categorize your procurement data (contracts, spend, invoices, usage, etc) and then leverages proprietary algorithms to locate cost or risk reduction opportunities.

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Featured customers

"We chose Suplari above the competition because of two primary reasons: the intuitive user experience that makes it really simple for our team to analyze and disseminate the data; its application of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the monitoring and identification of cost savings and purchasing compliance opportunities"

Bryan Rhee
Director Strategic Procurement & Risk

Why Suplari


Easy to Start

  • Onboarding and training
  • Straightforward data requirements
  • No rip and replace of legacy LOB
  • Secure cloud and integrations
  • Go live within weeks

Quick to Scale

  • Fluid and modern user experience
  • Cross-system access, in one place
  • Enterprise-wide capability
  • Systematic optimization cadence
  • Ever-expanding data sets

Fast ROI

  • Less time crunching data and reports
  • More focus on capturing CRC value
  • Better decisions, faster
  • Strong financial performance
  • Measurable outcomes