One of our multi-national conglomerate customers had an interesting task they wished to tackle with Suplari’s help. Their Procurement team caught word that the company’s employees were charging multiple Amazon Prime memberships to their corporate credit cards. If true, this presented two potential problems to the company:

  1. There was untapped potential to negotiate and consolidate all these memberships into one larger Prime account with Amazon, thereby saving the company money on a bulk deal.
  2. The company would be interested in detecting and eliminating a potential source of employee fraud, whereby employees could be charging personal Prime memberships to their corporate cards.

But first the company needed visibility. Enter Suplari custom Insights!

Using our customer’s P-Card data, Suplari was able to configure an insight with machine learning algorithms that would detect transactions from Amazon that were specifically Amazon Prime subscription transactions. The insight was so intelligent that it detected not only the current subscription charges, but also the past monthly and annual subscription charges, which have changed in amounts over the years.

When our customer saw the results, they were able to act with precision on how to resolve this issue through consolidations, policy changes, and enforcement. This is just one way that Suplari helped one of our customers solve a real-world problem this week. Do you have similar “what if’s” about your spend data? How can Suplari help you today? Click here to learn more or schedule a demo.