Survey: Recession-Proofing the Enterprise in 2019 and Beyond

How Prepared is Your Company for a Recession?

Suplari invites finance and procurement professionals, across North America, to participate in our Recession Survey. When you take the survey, you are also signing up to receive the upcoming results and report. It will reveal indispensable analysis and best practices about:

  • How soon are professionals expecting an economic downturn or recession
  • What are the main operational and strategic concerns to business leaders, in case of an economic downturn or recession
  • What strategies and levers are employed to quickly identify cost savings and risk optimization
  • What budgets and supplier tiers come to greatest scrutiny in a slowing economy

Recession - Proofing: Why it Matters Now?

Volatility in stock and investment markets, home prices, employment data, retail sales and industrial productivity are all indicators of an imminent recession unfolding. As economic forecasters continue to predict the worst for the economy, enterprises are behooved to quickly identify a sound strategy to stop any disruption of performance, growth, and profitability.

Even if a recession doesn’t come to pass, procurement and finance organizations don’t need to wait for an economic downtown to put an ironclad plan in place. Enterprises need and should be proactive, with an always-on systematic approach to managing spend.