Next Generation Intelligent Spend & Financial Management - Part 1:

Leaping into the future of AI-powered spend management and optimization

Finance and procurement are under constant pressure to optimize savings, risk and compliance – but struggle to get timely and actionable insights into spend, contracts and supplier activity. Most companies still suffer with messy and dispersed data, with no clear spend visibility. Even organizations further along connecting their data find themselves still restricted by BI tools and basic analytics that do not provide automated or actionable insights.  

Suplari applies the power of AI to bring you the next generation of Intelligent Spend Management. With Suplari, enterprise finance, operations and procurement organizations gain better visibility and efficiency to hit their savings and financial performance goals. We save them the time wasted on fixing data and crunching reports, so teams can focus on what matters most – decisions, relationships and value creation. 

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Why Attend?

In this 30-minute webinar, you will see how Suplari makes financial sense of spend data and how our Insight Applications use AI-powered algorithms that enable persistent monitoring, timely alerting and proactive resolution of optimization opportunities. You also hear customer stories about their success, and how you can also build these benefits to your enterprise:

  • Visibility, Accuracy and Fast Answers: Gain control of your spend data, suppliers activity and contracts renewal. Equip stakeholders with quick answers and avoid blind spots  
  • Accelerated Pace to Hit Savings and Strategic Goals: Get the power of AI to persistently monitor data and proactively reveal opportunities to optimize savings, risk, compliance and financial health
  • Team Efficiency to Focus on What Matters: Save the time wasted on fixing data and crunching reports, so teams can focus on decisions, relationships and value creation
  • Enterprise-wide Spend Accountability: Turn spend management into an enterprise-wide, accountable and ongoing practice, rather than a reactive, one-and-done initiative

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