Next Generation Intelligent Spend & Financial Management - Part III

Successfully Manage and Control T&E Programs with AI-Powered Insights

Introducing Suplari T&E Insights

Companies have large amounts of spend flowing through their Travel & Expenses (T&E) tools. There are a myriad of ways for companies to manage their T&E program with varying oversight.  

While companies want to empower their employees with the flexibility and choice on travel, left unchecked, it can raise concern.  Cases of fraud and non-compliance are common challenges that surface. Catching these red flags is a manual and time consuming effort, leaving companies to lose out on millions.


Samuel Mean
Product Manager

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Why attend?

In this 15-minute webinar you’ll see Suplari’s T&E Insights Applications in action:

  • See how algorithms proactively monitor spend data to detect savings, issues, and activity outside of your T&E policy.
  • Get the peace of mind your T&E  programs are delivering on promised flexibility and agility, minus the risks and concerns about fraud and abuse
  • Have all approving managers, employees and stakeholders feeling in control of the spend and equipped to obtain cost savings
  • Build a culture of trust, accountability and professionalism around consuming company’s resources


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