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Intelligence Solution Overview

  • AI-powered insights. Through artificial intelligence, machine learning, automated statistical analysis, and benchmarking, Suplari delivers actionable insights for investigation and resolution, and also keeps a record of value delivered.
  • Complete, unified supplier data. Broader than just spend analytics, Suplari integrates, normalizes, and categorizes siloed data sources from your enterprise systems including contracts, invoices, POs, accounts payable, travel & expense, corporate card, and consumption into a comprehensive supplier data model.
  • Powerful out-of-the-box analytics and workflows. Simplified analytics, workflows, reporting and scorecards that are easy to use, easy to share, and alerts-driven. Everyone in the organization will have the same view of each supplier’s spend, usage and value to the enterprise.  
  • Real-time updates through interaction with existing systems-of-record and flexible data uploads.
  • No IT, professional services or rip-and-replace. Suplari delivers value quickly by sitting on top of and working with existing enterprise systems. No need to queue for an IT project. No lengthy consulting engagements or changing processes or tools.  Up and running in weeks; payback in months.

Supplier Data in the Cloud

Suplari’s Unified Data Platform pulls in disparate data from existing systems from across the entire enterprise – contracts, spend across AP, P-card, T&E, POs, and invoices, as well as usage and consumption data. A complete view of your entire indirect supplier base.

  • Integrate, cleanse, normalize, categorize and enrich
  • Complementary to your current enterprise systems
  • Easy integration and flexible data uploads

Suplari democratizes procurement intelligence and reporting with powerful out-of-the-box capabilities.

  • Simplified analytics, reporting and scorecards
  • Easy to use, easy to share, alerts-driven
  • Identify, investigate and resolve cost-savings or risk opportunities
  • Permission-based access to data
  • Used by Procurement, Accounts Payable, FP&A, Marketing, IT and Manufacturing and others across the organization

Analytics, Reporting and Collaboration

Growing Library of AI / Machine Learning Insights

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Suplari monitors and analyzes millions of transaction and supplier touch points in real time to discover patterns, inconsistencies, anomalous activities, suspicious spend, and strategic opportunities. Insights include opportunities around:

  • Aggregating demand
  • Consolidating suppliers
  • Best pricing and comparisons
  • Reducing maverick spend
  • Fraud and abuse
  • Identify new preferred suppliers

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