Suplari Purchasing Intelligence
Know what’s happening across your purchasing process.


Suplari Purchasing Intelligence provides procurement and finance teams the purchasing insights they need to gain full visibility across data living in disparate enterprise systems. With Purchasing Intelligence, teams can proactively improve compliance, manage spend, and identify fraud and abuse.

Suplari Purchasing Intelligence connects purchase order and invoice data from across your enterprise resource system (ERP), P2P system or procurement modules.  By applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to this new unified view, procurement and finance teams can easily audit the purchasing process across the enterprise. Organizations can now quickly compare how much their company spent against how much spend was approved, surfacing insights to improve visibility and drive business outcomes.

Improve Compliance

  • Identify cost centers with non-compliance spend
  • Get the detailed reporting you need to stay compliant with accounting regulations

Manage Spend and Reduce Costs

  • Improve budget accuracy with visibility into all the factors that influence spend
  • Streamline the payment process to save up costs per transaction

Identify Fraud and Abuse

  • Identify fraudulent transaction and rogue spending
  • Identify and block rogue spending before it’s too late

The Suplari Purchasing Intelligence subscription gives customers a growing library of contract related AI-driven insights developed by the Suplari Data Science team.

Insight into PO Approval Violations

Identify PO approvers that exceed their assigned approval limit. The approval limit can be based on a single PO, or on a group of multiple POs.

Insight into After-the-Fact Purchase Orders

Detect POs that were created after the transaction took place.

Insight into Budget Buster

Detects when transactions are assigned to a different cost center than referenced on the PO.

Insight into Spend Greater than PO

Identify spend that exceeds the amount on the approved PO amount. This spend threshold is based on the average variance rate of a supplier.

Insight into Surpassing PO Spend

Identifies AP spend greater than a set threshold without an associated purchase order. This represents spend that was not properly reviewed prior to payment, which exposes your organization to risk and increases the likelihood of paying for unneeded services.

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