Digital Transformation of Procurement

Join Nathan Haydn-Myer Manager of Procurement Operations and Insights at VSP Vision Care

Attend our webinar with Nathan Haydn-Myer, Manager of Procurement Operations and Insights at VSP Global,  to learn how Suplari and AI are helping to guide the transformation of VSP Global’s procurement practice.  During this information-packed session, Nathan and Team Suplari will share learnings and best practices, and will discuss digital transformation strategies you can apply within your organization today. 


Procurement organizations of all sizes today are moving towards digital transformation. Cyber risk, heightened competition, economic uncertainty, and disruptive innovation are all potential challenges that serve as the catalyst for modernizing procurement. In an effort to be proactive rather than reactive, Vision Service Provider (VSP) prioritized their effort to build a solid digital procurement transformation strategy. By partnering with Suplari and implementing modern processes,  VSP’s procurement team was able to create opportunities for efficiency, while paving the way to play a more strategic role by accelerating innovation.

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Join us February 26, 2019 at 1:00pm PST

Nathan Haydn-Myer

Manager of Procurement Operations and Insights at VSP Vision Care

Nathan Haydn-Myer is an internationally accomplished business leader with experience in transforming perceptions and performance across various industries and teams. Currently Nathan is head of Procurement Operations and Insights for VSP Global’s Corporate Procurement and Travel division where he has been instrumental in renovating the processes and image that help secure Procurement’s seat at the proverbial table.  Prior to VSP Global, Nathan lead teams in the fields of forecasting, finance and marketing in companies such as Blue Shield of California (healthcare), Angel (Italian early stage capital for hi-tech firms), Blackshape Aircraft (aviation) and the MERMEC Group (railway diagnostics).

Nathan earned his MBA from UC Davis Graduate School of Management where he also obtained a fellowship in their leadership program.  He earned his Certified Sourcing Professional certificate through SIG University, holds a certificate in lean six sigma and is fluent in Italian.

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